Sixaxis Controller

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Use the PS3 controller to control your phone


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Sixaxis controller is a free application with which you can use the Playstation 3 controller to control any Android game, as if you were seeing it on the television screen in stead of your cellphone.

To be able to use this application you will have to run a series of relatively complex commands so that the Android terminal will recognize the Playstation command, but once it is done you can connect up to four controllers.

The application will let you configure all the control elements, including the analog stick, by which we can comfrotably control games like Street Fighter or Need for Speed.

Furthermore, as a special bonus, you have complete mouse emulation, for which you can configure an automatic activation button in the terminal.

Sixaxis Controller is a unique tool because normally if you are holding a Playstation 3 controller, it means you want to play on the Playstation 3, not the cellphone. In spite of this, it can offer an interesting experience.

You need the telephone 'hacked' to be able to use the application.